1. Talent Cooperation Platform
1) Recruitment information
Type Post Number of people Release time
1 Chief Engineer 1 2020.11.23
2 Director of Marketing Operations 1 2020.11.23
3 Optical Engineer 1 2020.11.23
4 Electronic Engineer 1 2020.11.23
5 Industrial refrigeration engineer 1 2020.11.23
6 Application Engineer 1 2020.11.23
7 Foreign Affairs Office Director Several 2020.11.23
8 Specialized Skilled Technicians Several 2020.11.23
9 Production Line Skilled Staff Several 2020.11.23
2) Self-recommendation
Type Self-recommendation information
1 Self-recommendation posts
2 Education, degree
3 Work experience
4 Expertise
5 Working style (full-time, consultant, part-time)
6 Target salary
7 Contact
2. Supplier Platform
1) Procurement information release
Type Name, specification Quantity Release time
2) Supplier self-recommendation
Type Product category Self-recommendation information
1 Optical fibre communication
2 Industrial laser device
3 Industrial laser production equipment
4 Industrial laser testing equipment
5 Structure parts
3) Supplier import
Type Import process content
1 Supplier Survey check
2 Site Inspection check
3 Product Testing check
4 Flow chart check
5 Supplier Information Registration Form Application

Supplier Survey

If our company develops your company as a supplier, your company will receive the supplier qualification survey mail or fax from our purchasing engineer, and your company will need to fill in the following information truthfully according to the Supplier Questionnaire:

1. Basic information includes company name, address, registered capital, business scope, website, email, common contacts, etc. The company's key material suppliers, bulk purchases, contract purchases of more than 500000 fixed assets or other procurement suppliers, the minimum requirements for the registered amount of 1 million.

2. Quality system information, manufacturing suppliers are required to pass ISO9001 certification. Agents or traders are required to provide official authorized agency certificates and other qualification documents.

3. Basic management information includes quotation cycle, personnel information, whether there is a management system such as ERP or MRP.

4. Basic manufacturing information includes company size, capacity, performance, etc.

5. Qualification documents include business license, main equipment list, quality assurance flow chart, etc.

6. "Supplier QPA Evaluation Form" for internal quality process audit, the company requires a self-evaluation score of more than 70 points.
After completion, it will be sent back to our company’s purchasing engineer. After the approval of the person in charge of the logistics management department of our company, the company will arrange whether to go to your company for on-site inspection, and the company must complete the on-site inspection before the batch supply.

Site Inspection

The company's logistics management department procurement engineer will organize the establishment of inspection team (logistics management department, quality management department, business department) to carry out site inspection of suppliers.

The contents of the site inspection and division of labor are as follows:

1. Quality Management Department is responsible for inspection of supplier quality control capabilities, bad products control, inspection equipment, quality staffing and other content;

2. Division is responsible for inspection of supplier R & D, process management capability and control;

3. Logistics Management Department is responsible for inspecting supplier order response and production capacity.

After the completion of the inspection, the company will be summarized to form a "supplier site inspection table", the site assessment score of more than 70 points into the sample test, if the score is not up to standard, then terminate the development.

Product Testing

Product testing has 3 stages: sample testing, small batch testing, batch testing;

After the batch test is qualified, the supplier must sign the Quality Assurance Agreement, PCN Agreement and RoHS Agreement with the Company before the batch test begins, and the domestic supplier without the above-mentioned agreement is not allowed to enter the batch testing.

During the sample testing process, the supplier has two opportunities for improvement, one for each of the small and batch testing phases. If the test phase after improvement is still not qualified, the import is determined to have failed. Conversely, if the batch test is successfully, the import is successful.

After receiving the notice of sample delivery from our purchasing engineer, you need to check whether you have received the relevant drawing information, material inspection standards and packaging specifications.

Flow chart

Supplier Information Registration Form

Company Profile
Main Product Catalogue(*multi-select)
Optical Components Electronic Components Optical Fiber Processing Equipment Laser Testing Instrument Laser Production Equipment Laser Power Supply Laser Water Cooling Plate Structural Parts Cable Others
Fill in the major products in your relevant category
Product introduction
3. Business Cooperation Platform
Type Cooperation Regional Main products
1 Agents XX XXXX
2 Dealers XXX XXX
3 Integrators
4. Technical Cooperation
Type Cooperation projects
1 Technology transfer
2 Project transfer
3 New product transfer
4 Patent transfer
5 Transfer of production processes
6 Talent recommendation
7 Quality supplier recommendation
8 Other (information provided)
5. Property Rights Cooperation
Type Cooperation projects
1 Equity transfer
2 Equity investment
3 Venture investment
4 Project cooperation development


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