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Invited to visit Yongkang Hardware Industry Center to help improve the industry

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On 23th Sep, The company was invited to visit the Yongkang Hardware Industry Center. The hardware industry is the pillar industry of Yongkang, and there are more than 10,000 hardware and machinery enterprises in the city, and the output value of hardware industry accounts for about 90% of the total industrial output value of the city. Through an in-depth understanding of the current situation and technical needs of intelligent transformation of hardware processing SMEs in Yongkang, promote the intelligent transformation of Yongkang from traditional industries, enhance the level and ability of "intelligent manufacturing", complete the Yongkang City Economic and Information Bureau issued the "Notice on the Intelligent Transformation of Yongkang City Enterprises "3511 Notice on the "3511" Special Action for Intelligent Transformation of Yongkang Enterprises, clearly promoting the transformation of manufacturing methods, promoting the construction of industrial Internet, accelerating the breakthrough of key core technologies, and fostering the development of intelligent manufacturing industry chain and other four important initiatives.
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