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Hangzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions awarded us the"Love Home"

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Last month, Hangzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions awarded the company a "Love Home", which really makes this "Love Home" become a mobile "Home" for outdoor workers in Hangzhou Zijingang Sci-tech City. 
The " Love Home " specially rebuilt by CINA Laser this year provides free restrooms, drinking water, reading and other services, as well as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water fountains and other equipment, catering services, emergency medicine boxes, cell phone charging plugs and so on.
CINA Laser’ "Love Home" will always open the door, service is always available, welcome to come often and bring warmth to every worker who comes to the "Love Home".
Outdoor workers and workers can find the nearest "Love Home" through "杭工e家" APP and WeChat group marketplace app.
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