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Hao Du, Director of Hangzhou West Lake District Science and Technology Bureau, visited our headquarters for research

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19th November, Director Hao Du, Deputy Director Liqiang Pan and Section Chief Daxin Yu of West Lake Branch of Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau entered CINA Laser to carry out research work.
In the symposium held to understand the the company's production operation, scale output, product application fields and other issues in depth, and then visited the R & D laboratory, intelligent equipment department, proposed that in the future can give strong support in the industrial special agent team, university cooperation, for our technology needs to unblock channels transformation and upgrading to increase the power source, to help promote the long-term development of enterprises.
Hao Du, director of West Lake Branch of Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau and her teams were very interested in the robot intelligent offline programming system demonstrated by our engineer. 

CINA Laser' industrial robot rapid teaching and trajectory planning system effectively solves the "non-standard pain" and has two advantages over the traditional robot operation method.
(1) Innovative teaching method: It subverts the original robot teaching operation method, eliminating the need for robot teaching and offline programming, enabling the robot to quickly perform the required route for the task, making it easy to operate and enabling general workers to realize the rapid operation of robot-related work.
(2) 90% improvement in man-machine efficiency: It enables the robot to carry out advance or pre-production trajectory planning for the next process without stopping in the working state, thus realizing full-load and high-efficiency operation of the robot in non-standard production field processing. For example, in a 1000mm long welding seam, thousands of precise trajectory points can be planned in less than 1 minute by a non-professional robot operator, thus increasing the efficiency of both the operator and the machine in human by more than 90%, thus realizing fast, flexible and efficient welding work with certain advanced and technical innovation.
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