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CINA Laser Joins Zhejiang Machinery Federation Laser Processing Committee

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27 March, Zhejiang Machinery Federation Laser Processing Committee of the first session of the second committee meeting held in Hangzhou.
CINA Laser participated in this meeting and became a new member of the committee.
Jianhua Yao, President of Institute of Laser Advanced Manufacturing of Zhejiang University of Technology, Awarded to CINA Laser
At the meeting, we listened to the speeches of the leaders and experts and their prospects for the future work, and had a warm exchange and discussion on domestic and foreign research hotspots, professional personnel training, internal resources integration and other aspects.
All the representatives took a group photo after the meeting.
CINA Laser uses technology to win the market and service to gain credibility. Thanks to the trust and love of the committee, CINA Laser will continue to adhere to its original intention and keep striving for independent innovation to face the unknown opportunities and challenges with a better posture.
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