QYL 1500W~3000W

Single-mode QCW Fiber Laser
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CINA Laser QYL series single-mode quasi continuous wave fiber lasers are ideal for applications requiring high peak power and small focal spot in pulsed operation mode , and a variety of microwelding and microdrilling applications.
The single-mode QCW Series fiber lasers are offered as both end user friendly rack units and OEM modules for system integrators. Water-cooling lasers are substantially more cost-effective than lamp-pumped YAG lasers due to wall-plug efficiencies >30% and maintenance-free operation.
CINA Laser, which is based on Internet technology, established a scientific after-sales service system. Each device has a uniqueidentity code (the internal storage of original technology and material information). Can achieve remote online real-time monitoring; can provide users with equipment fault early warning and efficient technical support and good after-sales service.
Ideal Replacement for Lamp Pumped YAG Lasers
Perfect Beam Quality
Outstanding Pulse Power/Energy Stability
Water-cooling Rack Units or OEM Modules
Highly Efficient >30% Wall-plug Efficiency
Spot & Seam Welding of Various Precision Welds
Microkeyhole and Conduction 
Cutting of Sapphire, Ceramics and Silicon
Microdrilling of Metals and Non-metals
Batteries, Medical Devices, Electronic Components



Technical Index
Parameter Index Supplement
Min. Typ. Max.
Optic Feature Max. Power QCW mode W   1500   150/1500 
  2000   200/2000
  3000   300/3000
Max. Power CW mode W   150   150/1500 
  200   200/2000
  300   300/3000
Maximum Pulse Energy J   15   150/1500 
  20   200/2000
  30   300/3000
Power Tunability % 10   100  
Modulation frequency. Hz 1   5000  
Pulse Duration Ms 0.1   50  
Duty Cycle Range % 0   50  
Central wavelength nm 1070 1080 1090 100% continuous
Optical Efficiency %   80   10~100% Linear Fit
Wall-plug Efficiency %   35   10~100% Linear Fit
Spectral bandwidth(3dB) nm   3   100% continuous
Electrical cooling Feature
Short-Term Stability %   3   100% continuous >1h
Beam Quality M2     25/400μm=1.3
  100% continuous
Laser on time μs   50 100 10% → 90% output
Laser off time μs   50 100 90% → 10% output
Power of Red Indicator Light μW 100     100% output
Output fiber length m   10    
Output fiber bending radius mm 200      
Output fiber core diameter μm 50(25,100 Customizable )  
Output connector   Standard QCS/QBH(LOC)  
Size  (L)× (W)× (H) (mm) 451×483×104 150/1500 
596×483×111 200/2000
666×483×111 300/3000
Weight (kg) 38 150/1500 
43.4 200/2000
63 300/3000

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