iWELDer Pro

Handheld Laser Welding System

iWELDer Pro - Unbeatable Benefits

VERSATILE: Wide range of materials – up to 8 mm
FAST: Up to 4X faster than TIG
EASY: Optimized presets reduce learning curve
CONSISTENT: High-quality, repeatable results
FLEXIBLE: Simple and challenging applications
PRODUCTIVE: Pre- and post-weld cleaning capability
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iWELDer Pro - Turnkey Handheld Laser Systems
Adjustable laser welding power up to 3000 W
Preset & user-defined modes optimize material-thickness combinations 
Process gas and external accessory controls
Cleaning mode for greater welding quality and finishing capability
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Watch Paulo shares his experience in laser cleaning mode with iWELDer Pro
Fast and Easy Setup
Built-In Presets
Safe & Energy-Saving
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iWELDer Pro - Fast & Easy to Set Up 
Compact, easy to move and the most comfortable and easy to use laser gun.
Quickly switch from standard laser welding to wire welding, and from laser welding to laser cleaning.
Parameters can be set and saved as required via the touch screen.
Clearly labeled rear connections make getting started fast and easy.
Simply plug in power cord and gas connection, attach clamp to work surface, and the system is ready to go.
Laser power, gas, and gun control are delivered through a single cable.
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iWELDer Pro - Operator Safety Features
Key switch control to secure system from unauthorized operation.
Emergency-stop button for immediate shut down.
2-step weld gun trigger, enable and then fire, for intentional operation.
Part contact electrical interlock turns off the laser power if the welding head is not in contact with the welded parts.
Door switch interlock circuits shut down laser if anyone other than operator unexpectedly enters the welding area.
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Do You Encounter Such Confusion
When Welding?

Subvert traditional welding welding speed is 5-10 times of 
traditional argon arc welding, saving 3-5 professional welders
Welding Mode Welding Speed Heat Distortion Quality Supplementary Material Environment
Laser Welding Fast N/A Good Wire Filling Needs/ Self-Fusing Not Required N/A
Argon Arc Welding General Larger General Need Need Electrode
Gas Shielded Welding Moderate Larger General Need Need Welding Wire
Simple Operation No Professional Welder Required

All-round welding Positions

Can complete automatic or semi-automatic welding,The weld is beautiful, firm and fast,
No consumables,small deformation of workpiece, no need for late grinding


Comparison of Welding Modes
Type The Traditional
Solid YAG Continuous Fiber
Heat Input Big Small Small
Workpiece Deformation
/Edge Biting
Big Small Small
Weld Shape Scales Lines Scales Lines Smooth
Polishing Polishing N/A
Using The
Welding Speed Slow Medium Fast
Big Small Small
Personal Harm Big Small Small
The Environmental
Big Small Small
Consumables Electrode Laser Crystals
Xenon Lamps
Use Cost The Energy
Small Big Small
Welding Requirements High Average Small
Covers Area Small Big Small
Cost Comparison
Type Solid YAG Continuous Fiber
Power 600W 1000W
Electro-optical conversion efficiency 3% 40%
energy consumption 20KW 2.5KW
electricity/h 20*1*1=20 2.5*1*1=2.5
Cost of xenon lamp/m 250*2=500 0
Laser crystals/half year8000 0  
Combined use cost/y
For 26 days a month and 10 hours a day, the activation rate was 85%
75040 6630
Artificial Contrast
Type Argon Pot Welding Continuous Fiber
Number 2 1
Monthly Salary 8000 4000
Number Of Grinding Workers 1 0
Monthly Salary Of Grinding Worker 8000 0
Add Up Monthly Wages 24000 4000
Add Up The Annual Salary 288000 48000

Technical Index
Equipment Model iWelder-Pro 1000 iWelder-Pro 1500 iWelder-Pro 2000 iWelder-Pro 3000
Laser Type CW fiber laser
Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Machine Power 5.7KW 7.7KW 9.5KW 12.3KW
Welding Capacity Stainless Steel 4mm Stainless Steel 5mm Stainless Steel 6mm Stainless Steel 8mm
Welding Capacity Carbon Steel 4mm Carbon Steel 5mm Carbon Steel 6mm Carbon Steel 8mm
Welding Capacity Aluminium 2mm Aluminium 3mm Aluminium 4mm Aluminium 5mm
Power Demand 220V  50HZ  60A
Dimensions LxWxH 930* 540* 970mm 1300*650*735mm
Weight 200kg 220kg
Cooling Mode Water Cooling Cleaning Width 80mm

Model Explanation
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