Handle Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

iCLEANer - Laser Cleaning Process
The laser emits a beam of energy that is absorbed by the contamination layer on the surface to be treated, and the shock wave causes the contaminant to evaporate or peel off instantly, the base material will not be damaged or melted.
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iCLEANer - Unbeatable Benefits
◉ NO POLLUTION: No abrasive materials are used, no problems of contaminant separation and disposal
◉ ECO FRIENDLY: No solvents are used, chemical-free
◉ SPATIALLY SELECTIVE: Ceaning only the area required, saving time and costs
◉ CONTACT-FREE: Process never degrades in quality
◉ EASILY AUTOMATED: Lower labor costs while giving greater consistency in results
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Watch Dr. Oxid team share their laser cleaning experience with iCLEANer
◉ Fast and Easy Setup
◉ Ultra Powerful & Highly Efficient
◉ Mobility Free for All Environments

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iCLEANer - Turnkey Handheld Laser Systems
 Adjustable laser power up to 3000W
 Preset & user-defined modes based on thickness of rust
 Process gas and external accessory controls
 Easy upgrade automation
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iCLEANer - Operator Safety Features
◉ Key switch control to secure system from unauthorized operation.
◉ Emergency-stop button for immediate shut down.
◉ 2-step clean gun trigger, enable and then fire, for intentional operation.
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Comparison Cleaning Solutions
Comparison Items Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Sanding Dry Ice Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning Laser Cleaning
Cleaning method Chemical cleaning agent Mechanical / sandpaper,contact Dry ice, non-contact Cleaning agent, contact Laser, non-contact
Workpiece Damage With damage With damage No damage No damage Little damage
Cleaning Efficiency Low Low Medium Medium High
Cleaning Effect Fair, uneven Excellent, uneven Excellent, uneven Excellent, small
cleanliness range
Very good, high
Cleaning Accuracy Uncontrollable,
poor precision
Not controllable,
average precision
poor precision
Unspecified range
Precise and controllable,
high precision
Safety / Environmental
Heavy chemical
Polluted environment No pollution No pollution No pollution
Manual Operation Complex work procedures for
the operator Demanding,
requiring protective measures
High physical intensity,
requiring safety
Protective measures
Simple operation, han
dheld or Automatic
Easy to operate, but
requires manual work
Adding consumables
Simple operation,
handheld or Integrated
Consumables Chemical
cleaning agents
Sandpaper, grinding
wheels, oil stones, etc.
Dry ice Special cleaning
Power supply only
Cost Inputs Low initial investment, consumables Very
high cost
High initial investment,
consumables High
labor cost
Medium initial invest
ment, consumables
High cost
Low initial investment, consumables
Medium cost
High first time investment,
no consumables.
Low maintenance cost

Application Field

Laser Cleaning Effect

Technical Index
Model iCLEANer-100 iCLEANer-1000 iCLEANer-1500 iCLEANer-2000 iCLEANer-3000
Output Power 100W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000w
Laser Wavelength 1060-1070nm 1080±5nm
Laser Type MOPA CW Fiber Laser
Power Range 10~100%
Fiber Length 3m 10m
Cleaning width 150mm (450mm, 2D Optional) (300,2D Optional)
Cooling Method Air Cooling Water Cooling
Working Environment 10~40°C、Humidity10~85%、No Condensation
Power Rating 400W 4KW 6KW 8KW 12.3KW
Operating Voltage 220VAC、50/60Hz
Dimension 359.5X380X152mm 1050X540X1050mm 1300x650x735mm
Weight 15kg 170kg 200kg

Model Explanation
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