1.0μM Single-Mode Group Coninuous Fiber Laser
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CINA Laser’s CYL-1500/S 1.0μm single-mode group continuous fiber laser, adopts latest industry technology and the optimization design, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high lifetime, high safety and reliability. The unit with high-quality output beam and strong capability on resisting high-reflective, can be widely used in all kinds of materials of laser cutting, welding, punching, 3D printing and other high-end smart manufacturing. 
CINA Laser, which is based on Internet technology, established a scientific after-sales service system. Each device has a unique identity code (the internal storage of original technology and material information). Can achieve remote online real-time monitoring; can provide users with equipment fault early warning and efficient technical support and good after-sales service.
CINA Laser’s products with high quality, high reliability and excellent cost performance, can meet the requirements of the customer diversification and personalized customization. It also with good after-sales service, is the ideal choice for system integrates and equipment manufacturers. 


 High electro-optical conversion efficiency, greatly reduced the power consumption
 Strong capability on resisting high-reflective, suitable for different materials processing.
 Remote real-time monitoring. 
 High lifetime, high safety and reliability.
 Can achieve personalized customization.
 Excellent after-sales service system.
 Excellent cost performance
 Laser cutting.
 Laser welding.
 Laser cladding.
 Laser brazing.
 Laser thermolizing.

Technical Index
Performance Min. Typ. Max. Remarks
Optical characteristics Central wavelength (nm) 1070 1080 1090  
Spectral bandwidth (nm)   3 5 -3dB
Output optical power (W)   1500    
Short time power stability (%) ±1  
Long time power stability (%) ±2  
Laser opening time (μs) 50~100  
Laser shutdown time (μs) 100~200  
Power regulation range (%) 10   100  
Beam quality (M2)     2.8 QBH-50
Fiber numerical aperture(NA)Half angle (rad)     0.22 QBH-50
Modulation frequency (KHz) 0   10 100% output
Red light Power (mW) 5   60  
Output Feature Output connector     QBH    
Output fiber core diameter (μm)   50   Customizable
Output fiber length (m)   10 15 Customizable
Output cable bending radius (mm) 200      
Work model   Continuous/modulation CW/Modulate
State of polarization   Random Random
Electrical cooling characteristics Communication interface   RS232/AD /Super terminal  
Remote communication   APP Customizable
Power supply (V)   220    
Power consumption (KW)     4.5 220 V, Single-phase three-wire
Cooling mode   Water cooling External
Cooling water temperature (°C) 21   25  
Cooling water flow (L/min)   20
General characteristics Working ambient temperature (°C) 10   40  
Working environment humidity (%) 10   85  
Storage temperature (°C) -10   60  
Structure   Rack
Weight/Size (kg) 16.5 (W)×(L) with Handle)×(H) (mm) 402(365) x 341(311) x 69
Model Explanation
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